WAU!室内乐团 首发音乐会《风筝不断线》室内乐专场 WAU! Ensemble’s Debut Recital—KITE WITH UNBROKEN STRING
February 25, 2016
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Event Address: Theatre, Damansara Performing Arts Centre 白沙罗表演艺术中心剧场

WAU!室内乐团 首发音乐会—《风筝不断线》室内乐专场

Time 时间:26 Feb 2016 (Fri 830pm), 27 Feb (Sat 3pm,830pm)
Venue 地点:Theatre, Damansara Performing Arts Centre 白沙罗表演艺术中心剧场

Presenting you our inaugural recitals of chamber music pieces from traditional to modern.

票价 Ticket:RM48/RM68/35 (student/disabled/senior citizen)
票务联系/Contact:Yuki +6018-2566202
在线购票/Online booking:

演出团体 Presenter:

WAU!室内乐团 (马来西亚)
WAU!室内乐团将在来临的2月26与27日,Damansara Performing Arts Centre,于《风筝不断线》首发音乐会上初试啼声,为国人演绎别具新意的华乐室内乐!预知更多详情,可关注及留言到WAU! Ensemble的面子书首页http://www.facebook.com/WAU.Ensemble/

WAU! Ensemble (Malaysia)
The WAU! Ensemble was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded young Chinese music professionals from Malaysia who desired to showcase Chinese chamber music ranging from traditional Chinese music to contemporary avant-grade interpretations to create their very own sonic landscape. The name WAU has its origins in the traditional Malaysian kite and was purposefully chosen to reflect the ensemble’s aspirations for continued innovation while staying true to its Malaysian roots.
The six members of the ensemble are Mayyi Ong (Ruan), Sim Teck Sing (Pipa), Lim Sheu Chain (Dizi), Heng Xi Ying (Guzheng), Fred Chan Hong Wei (Erhu) and Tan Zhuo Zan (Yangqin), all of whom play different musical instruments. The six of them were high caliber graduates of renowned conservatories in China (Central Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music), having garnered many accolades in prestigious competitions across the Asia Pacific region. The majority of them have returned to Malaysia to teach Chinese music in order to promote and further the Chinese art form among the Malaysian Chinese population.
The WAU Ensemble’s recital aptly titled “Kite with Unbroken String” will be its inaugural performance to a national audience.Feel free to follow our page for more updates or drop us a message for enquiries! http://www.facebook.com/WAU.Ensemble/

演出曲目 Repetoire

欢乐的夜晚 < A Merriment Night >
作曲:胡登跳 Composer: Hu Deng Tiao

水乡剪影 < Waterscape Silhouette >
作曲:莫凡 Composer: Mo Fan

< In C >
Composer: Terry Riley

周二聚会 <Tuesday Rendezvous>
作曲:刘星 Composer: Liu Xing

敦煌 < Dun Huang >
作曲:姜莹 Composer: Jiang Ying

欢乐歌 < Song of Joy >

心雨 < Rain Beneath The Heart >
作曲:唐建平 Composer: Tang Jian Ping

长风破浪 < Mount A Long Wind >
作曲:周龙 Composer: Zhou Long

特邀演奏员 Guest Performer:
打击乐 Percussion – 陈慧怡 Tan Hui Yi
中阮 Ruan – 王思贤 Wayne Heng Si Xian

主持人 Emcee:
郭于璇 Kuik Yi Xuan

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