July 26, 2016
Event posted by: MichT23
Event Address: F4.09, Level 4, The Summit Subang USJ, 47600 Petaling Jaya,

1) Ethnic define as an origin group that shares a common and distinctive culture, religion or even language. Whereas food foundry means a place that provided variety of food. Ethnic food is a very unique symbol to represent the cultures. For example, pecal, rempeyek represent Javanese ethnic food.

2) Ethnic Food Foundry is an event which will be held The Summit Subang USJ. This event is an event that introduce the various type of ethnic and culture that we have in Selangor. For example; Bugis, Javanese, Minangkabau, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli, Baba Nyonya and more.. Since it is almost the week of Malaysia Day, our team decided to held this event as a promotion program show-casting the different culture and ethnic in Malaysia and also others country too. It will also attract the locals and tourist closer to celebrate Malaysia as a melting pot of cultures. Tourists, families, groups of friends can come and experienced the diverse show and flavours of Selangor. We will use the colour of Selangor flag as our theme for the event.

3) Furthermore, we will also held some programs such as traditional food demonstration, cultural dance performances, games like “Teh-Tarik Competition”, Cooking Competition and others interesting programs. The booth that we setup is for display traditional item, history and especially traditional food for tourist and visitor to try such as dim-sum, nasi ambeng, pecal, nasi lemak, banana leaf rice and so many more. Every ethnic or culture will present their tradition food that had been exist ages till now. Different taste of ethnic, different people and cultures shows the uniqueness that we have in Malaysia. We will also open some booth for the vendor who wanted to join in the event and also we will invite company like Air-asia who wanted to promote domestic flights to travel around Malaysia. Moreover, we will have traditional performances such as The Fan Dance by The Chinese, Zapin Dance by The Malay and by The Indians and many more.

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