Getting Started
  1. Simply Register an account. Before you can login, you need to click and activate the link which was sent to your email account that you have used to register. If you did not find the link in your inbox, please check your junk/spam mail.
  2. After activation, you can Login to your account.
  3. Use the header (Image1) for quick access to Post Deal, Event and Competition. You can enter keyword to search the site, view your account (My Account) or Log Out from the site.

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Image1: Header

  1. Check out the newest Deals. This includes coupon codes, promotions and freebies! The top deals corner shows 10 of the most popular deals voted by other postbargainers. The ending soon section highlights the deals that are ending soon. If you wish to browse for freebies only, you can check out the Freebies category.
  2. Looking for something to do? Check out the Events category. You can search for event by location or categories. If you would like to attend any of the listed events, take note of the event venue, date and time, and make sure to purchase admission ticket if required.
  3. If you like to participate in contests and get a chance to win some prizes, then the Competitions category will be great for you. You will discover many competitions available to join, make sure to read the terms and conditions.
  1. Submit good bargains! If you have some amazing offers, please post them here! Your contribution will immediately show on the New Deals section and if your deal gets enough votes, it will be promoted to our Top Deals section.
  2. Post activities happening in Malaysia. It can be events or competitions!
  3. Tell your families and friends. Help to spread the word about and inform them about the deals and activities that may interest them. Share the website on social media by clicking the quick share button via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email.
  1. Vote Good: If you like the offer. This is a way to show appreciation to the contributor and others to post more similar deals. Your vote may also affect the deals that show on the Top Offer section.
  2. Vote Bad:Leave your feedback/comment in the comment section. Be very cautious when voting bad against an offer, as this will discourage the contributor. If the offer is irrelevant or spam, report to us immediately by using our Contact Form. Think twice before voting bad, is this really a bad offer? If you are not sure, don’t vote instead!
  3. Don’t Vote: Often appropriate instead of voting bad.
  1. Comment. Share your thoughts by commenting on the posts, or thank the contributor for the great offer. Read other users’ comments to get some opinion whether the offer is worth purchasing or joining.


If you have any further questions, try our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section before contacting us!